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Angelina Jolie joins forces with NATO to tackle crimes against women in war zones

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Thank you very much I'm very. I'm very honored to make my first visit to name won't end violence against women and children. Particularly sexual violence is an increasing feature of conflict and security worldwide. Yet the use of rape as a weapon of war has been regarded. Inevitable feature of conflict as a lesser crime than a problem too difficult or too uncomfortable for societies to address. This is a historic injustice and a critical issue of international peace and security. This is rape used as a weapon. To achieve military or political goals. It affects. Men and boys as well as women girls. It is used as a tool of political control. Terrorism. And ethnic cleanse it. It is a major factor in the creation of refugee flows. Wherever it occurs peace is far harder and far more costly to achieve. It therefore has a direct bearing on NATO's efforts to protect. Stability and manage. Crisis that affect the security of Europe. And global security. So we have talked today about NATO's potential role in helping to create greater it. Global accountability and Terrence for crimes against women in conflict zones. To increase the representation of women in militaries. And to strengthen training and doctrine to make NATO the global leader. Military leader in this area. As the Secretary General said. We are going to focus on training reporting monitoring and awareness. As a way of ending impunity. But this is not only a question of protecting women. This is a question of valuing women. As the Secretary General and I have discussed today none of the challenges we face from simple cut conflicts to the global refugee crisis. Can be addressed without far greater attention to the needs rights and positive contribution. Of women. This has been a missing piece in so many of our efforts to present prevent. And resolve conflicts worldwide for generations. There can be no lasting peace and security. Without equal rights and participation. For women in all societies. And those rights cannot be achieved in an environment. Where there is impunity. For mass crimes against women and girls. I'm very impressed and encouraged. By the commitments NATO has already made. And a signal that that sends to other militaries around the world. Our meetings today have been about how we can build on those commitments together and to go forward. As the Secretary General has said. We have just met with the North Atlantic Council and military committee. And I will be having further meetings with NATO political representatives and NATO commanders this afternoon. Including supreme allied commander scamper out. I am very grateful. To UN Secretary General for his leadership. I'm very honored that I will be working with him over the coming months and years. We are very clear that this effort must be about practical results. That make a real difference. On the ground in conflict affected areas. And in changing attitudes. Towards women globally. And thank you for allowing me to be here and join you and thank you'll.

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