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Zoolander 210 Movie CLIP Models Help People 2001 HD

  • VERBS: 34
  • VOCAB: 18
  • PHRASES: 0

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- i>Ugh ! I can't stand hansel !
i>- I know, right ?Riding in on that scooter
like he's so cool.And the way hansel
combs his hair.
Or like doesn't.It's like "ex-squeeze" me,
but have you ever heard
of styling gel ? Ha-ha-ha !I'm sure hansel's
heard of styling gel.
He's a male model.Earth to brint.
I was making a joke.Earth to meekus.
Duh, okay ? I knew that.Earth to brint.
I'm not so sure you did,
'cause you were all,"well, I'm sure
he's heard of styling gel,"Like you didn't know
it was a joke.- [ laughing ]
- i>I knew it was a joke, meekus.
i>I just didn't get it.Earth to brint !
[ derek ]
would you guys stop it already !Did you ever think that
maybe there's more to life...Than being really, really,
really ridiculously
good-looking ?I mean, maybe we should be doing
something more meaningful
with our lives.Like helping people.Uh, derek, what people ?I don't know.
People who need help.Models help people.
They make them feel good
about themselves.They also show them
how to dress cool and wear
their hair in interesting ways.i>Yeah !
i>I guess so.Know what could really
help you sort through
these important issues ?What ?[ together ]
orange mocha frappuccino !

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